Dr. Vass
Dr. Reka Vass, a visiting research scientist in Dr. Roghair's laboratory, presented her research at the Pediatric Academic Society meeting in Baltimore, Maryland. She followed her acclaimed platform presentation with an equally impressive poster presentation.
Dr. Knott
Dr. Knott has published her novel research findings "Neonatal growth restriction slows cardiomyocyte development and reduces adult heart size" in The Anatomical Record (
Leptin Deficiency of Prematurity
Dr. Steinbrekera presented her groundbreaking research at the Pediatric Academic Societies / Society for Pediatric Research joint meeting in Toronto, Canada on May 6, 2018. Her clinical research has advanced our understanding of the nutritional deficiencies that are unique to the preterm population.
Dr. Steinbrekera
The Children’s Miracle Network has awarded Dr. Baiba Steinbrekera a $50,000 research grant. Her grant application, entitled “Leptin Deficiency of Prematurity,” was approved for FY2018 funding. Dr. Steinbrekera is a neonatology fellow at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.
In collaboration with Dr. Ajit Vikram in Internal Medicine, Dr. Roghair will receive FY2018 funding through the UI Center for Hypertension Research. Their pilot grant will continue to define the role of intestinal bacteria in diabetes-associated cardiovascular disease. The work builds off the groundbreaking research of Dr.


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