Sarah Haskell (PI), Zeru Peterson, Mitchell Kent, Anthony Zhang, Takahito Hirai, Baiba Steinbrekera, Beth Kenkel, Robert Roghair (PI) (absent from photo Madeline Knott, and Lauren Vasilakos). Dr. Steinbrekera is shown preparing a multiplex assay used to define the hormone status of premature infants born at 22 to 36 weeks gestation. Edvin Rosic is preparing to analyze protein expression after leptin exposure.

Past Members of the Roghair Laboratory include: Dr. Gilbert Aldape, Natalie Bonthius, Dr. Taylor Cushman, Dr. Lindsay Dallas, Dr. Ben Dexter, Dr. Holly Engelstad, Dr. Gwen Erkonen, Jinny Guo, Dr. Greg Hermann, Elise Hsu, Dr. Gary Kummett, Dr. Larry Meyer, Alise Miller, Carson Miller, Dr. Vani Movva, Charles Ni, Jonathan Ni, Dr. Veronica Peotta, Kate Pitz, Olivia Rice, Payton Stawser, Kaisen Yao, Dr. Kenneth Volk, Anthony Zhang, Dr. Catherine Zhang, Lilian Zhu, Dr. Vivian Zhu

Principal Investigator

  • Associate Professor

    Dr. Roghair received his medical degree from the University of Iowa. Following a pediatrics residency and neonatology fellowship enriched by research training with Dr. Jeffrey Segar, he joined the University of Iowa faculty in 2005. At Iowa, he directed the Pediatrics Physician Scientist Training Pathway (PSTP) prior to his current position as Director of the Medical Student Research Programs, including research skill course instruction, coordination of student research opportunities and administration of the research distinction track.